FAQs - Speech & language therapy

1. Why choose an independent Speech & Language Therapist?  

Independent SLTs and NHS SLTs have the same degree of training and would aim to provide your child with the best level of care.  Independent therapists tend to be less constrained by long waiting lists and are able to decide and offer their own standards of care which will be matched to meet the individual needs of the child. They may also be able to offer more frequent appointments and see your child quickly and without a long waiting time.

2. Where will my child be seen?

Initial appointments generally take place at the practice.  Following this, therapy is usually provided at the practice;  home or school visits might be arranged for specific reasons or purposes.  

3. What should I expect the first time I go to see the Speech and Language Therapist?

You will be asked questions about your child's development and we will assess your child's speech, language and communication skills.  This could be through observations, play and/or formal assessment.  Discussion will take place about the outcome of the assessment.

4.  Who can refer?

We have an open referral system which means anyone can refer to our service with the permission of the parents; parents generally speaking will contact us themselves.

5.  What happens after assessment?

Following assessment your therapist will discuss and agree with you your child's needs and possibilities for intervention.  Your child may be offered 1:1 sessions weekly, fortnightly or could be offered a programme of activities to be carried out at home.

6.  What might I be asked to do?

Generally speaking we can expect much more and faster progress if we follow the therapist's suggestions and guidance about back up activities for home.

7.  Should I correct my child's speech?

Your Speech & language Therapist will give you guidance on this, but generally speaking it's not advisable to simply correct your child's attempts at speech and this will depend on the developmental stage of your child